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Monday, 23 December 2013

Design Wall Monday, Dec. 23, 2013

 Another Monday, another week without anything new on the design wall. :( But, I have been working on a project, and long overdue, badly needed project. A place to centralize and organize all of my circular and double pointed knitting needles. I spent a lot of time yesterday browsing pinterest pages for organization idea for these things. I really dislike the roll up things. I wanted something where they could be out where I could see them, and get at them, but out of the way at the same time. Up until now, my needles have been scattered all over the place, in various bags and drawers, resulting in my not knowing what sizes I had or didn't have, and that would end up in me buying more, since I had no idea what I had and where they were, if I did have them. That problem only got worse after we moved. After we moved, since I couldn't find most of my needles, I've slowly been replacing them with the bamboo wood ones when I order more. I like how light weight they are, and the fact that they don't slide out of the working stitches. And for some reason, they seem to be easier on the hands and fingers to work with, as well.
So, here they all are, the ones I have found so far, at least, in their labelled spots, with the circulars hanging from labelled insert things. While I was at it, I went through all the projects that were in various stages, and discovered that there really aren't that many of them. I have a baby sweater that I found that just needs a sleeve finished, a pair of socks that need the toes grafted, and the rest of the projects are all current ones. So, this needle holder contraption is going to live on the side of the shelving unit, right beside my chair. And, hopefully, I will never have to go searching for the right sized needle again.
I'm linking up to Judy's Design wall Monday.

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