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Sunday 22 December 2013

Stash Report, week 51, 2013

Wow, is it ever hard to believe that there is only one more stash report for this year! This week's is easy.... nothing in and nothing out. Lots of time spent finishing deadline quilts for customers, and then lots of baking and lots of shopping and lots of finishing up other gifts, none of which can be shown. Doesn't make for a very interesting blog post, though. The best thing that has happened in the last couple of days is that our son Noel is home for Christmas. Yippee!!! He picked a good time to travel, yesterday morning, in between two winter storms of freezing rain in our area of the country. Thankfully, we actually didn't get much of the freezing stuff where we are, just plain rain.
I've been thinking a little bit lately, about plans for next year. I am going to continue with the stash reports, but am going to concentrate more on using what I have, whenever possible. I want to concentrate on using up the boxes and bins and heaps of scraps and stings and crumbs that I have hanging around here, taking up space. I'm starting to feel really overwhelmed by all the stuff I have, so it's time to use some of it up. So, I think that will be my focus for the next year, and I'll mostly use that focus for deciding what projects to start.
This is my poor little cutting table. It's gotten to the point where there is no table top left to cut on. I have got to set aside some time in the next while to do something about this, or I won't be doing anything. That pile on the back left hand side of the table is all scraps that need to be sorted and either put into their appropriate sized bins, or cut into sizes to go into those bins.So, as I go forward, I'm going to be thinking about the projects that I want to do, in order to decide what sizes to cut. In the meantime, here are the numbers, unchanged from last week.

Used this week:                                 0 yards
Used this year:                               125.15 yards
Added this week:                                 0 yards
Added this year:                              180.55 yards
Balance:                                                 55.4 more yards in than out.
So, from here on, the search for next years' scrap busting projects begins. Pinterest, here I come. I'm linking up to Judy's Stash Report.

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  1. You have a wonderfully enhanced stash for 2014. Love all the quilts you made this year!


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