Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Sunday 27 November 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching

 When I left all of you last week I was getting ready to start on the stitching  for the large quilt on my Quilting Bee cross stitch sampler. I’m quite surprised at the progress I’ve made. One of the things I love about the Victoria Sampler designs is their wonderful detailed instructions. For this section they say to work from the outside of the quilt to the middle. So I started that. All of the outer blanket stitches are done and also the stems of the vines are finished. I have to add in some lazy daisy leaves and some flowers to that particular border and then move in to the next. All of the quilt blocks in the centre are little mini samplers all on their own. I love doing this type of embroidery. Most of the designs from Victoria Samplers that I’ve purchased in the past have also come with what they used to call Acc Packs, where they provided all  the threads and beads necessary to complete the designs. Unfortunately they no longer do this, so I’m coming up with my own colours. I have lots of threads left over from previous projects, so I’m using some of those for this. I need to dig in my bin and find some silk for the leaves. I started out using DMC floss, but I think I like the silks better. They stitch up so much smoother with much less drag and tangling when doing the stitching.

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Sunday 20 November 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching

 I’ve gotten the top section of my Quilters’ Bee Sampler completely finished. All the beads are added and the threads and needles in the quilters’ hand are done. I can now move my hoop and start in on the large quilt section under them. To give a reminder, the sampler I am doing is available at Victoria Samplers here.They have scaled back their services and no longer offer printed patterns, but all their designs are still available through PDF purchases.

I’ve made progress on my grey/blue sock too. I’m at the point of starting the heel for the second sock.

Most of the snow that was forecast to hit us over the last few days missed us, thankfully. I suspect there is about 4 inches of it out there. or at the most 6 inches. Enough to make it look pretty and clean without causing too much of a problem. Also thankfully, we have a son-in-law with a snow blower to do out the drive way which is long and on a slope, not a safe thing for old bones to be doing.

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Sunday 13 November 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching.

 My Quilting Bee cross stitch was in time out for a couple of weeks. I’d gotten to the 1 thread of floss over 1 thread of fabric section for the lettering and I was finding it difficult to see and I didn’t have enough patience for it. So it got put away, That seems to have passed and I’ve picked it back up again and made good progress on it. Not only is the lettering done, but so are the quilt blocks and I’ve started on the floral border of the quilt. I still have to do the threads in the quilters’ hands and some beads around the floral arbour which will finish this section. 

In the meantime I continue with knitting mindless hand occupying socks. I have more than enough bright eye catching pairs of socks, so I’ve gone over to more muted shades of grey this time. It seemed to suit my mood somehow.Once these are done I’ll likely go diving into my box of stash yarns and find some more bright ones.

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