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Sunday 20 November 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching

 I’ve gotten the top section of my Quilters’ Bee Sampler completely finished. All the beads are added and the threads and needles in the quilters’ hand are done. I can now move my hoop and start in on the large quilt section under them. To give a reminder, the sampler I am doing is available at Victoria Samplers here.They have scaled back their services and no longer offer printed patterns, but all their designs are still available through PDF purchases.

I’ve made progress on my grey/blue sock too. I’m at the point of starting the heel for the second sock.

Most of the snow that was forecast to hit us over the last few days missed us, thankfully. I suspect there is about 4 inches of it out there. or at the most 6 inches. Enough to make it look pretty and clean without causing too much of a problem. Also thankfully, we have a son-in-law with a snow blower to do out the drive way which is long and on a slope, not a safe thing for old bones to be doing.

I’m linking up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.

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  1. I absolutely adore the lacy look of the Quilters' Bee Sampler. I like the yarn you are using for the socks.


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