Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Wednesday 30 June 2010

A few wedding pictures

I've added in a few wedding pictures, but I have yet to figure out how to add comments beside each picture, so I'll have to list what each picture is here. The top left pic is myself and Susan. It was so wonderful to have her here to share the wedding and all the before and after with. Top right is my son, Noel, and his wife, Laurie. Second row, left is my son Noel, and my new son, Matt.  Second right is my daughter (in-law), Laurie. So, now I have 4 children. What an easy way to have kids, no labour pains, no terrible 2's, no teenage angst. Fully grown, wonderful people. Under the picture of Laurie is a picture of the table, showing the napkins that Becca and I made from the fabric left over from the bridesmaids dresses. The bottom picture on the right shows the bridesmaids during the ceremony. And the rest of the pics are of the glowing couple. It was a beautiful day, and worth every second of all the work that went into it.

Monday 28 June 2010

Design wall Monday June 28

It's been a month since I managed a design wall post. Life is quickly getting back to normal, after all the rushing with the wedding, and the wonderfulness of Susan's visit. She left on Wednesday to go to visit with her family in Cape Breton. (Someplace I would very much like to see, someday) The day after she left, I was back to work, after 3 1/2 weeks off. Why is it that time is so weird? It goes so slowly while waiting for something we've been looking forward to, and then totally speeds by when it gets here. Ah well. Susan was good for me while she was here. She is a very organized person, whereas me, not so much. I pulled out all my UFO's to show her, and got inspired to finish up a couple of them, while she relaxed and had a good time reading. I'll post some pictures of them later this week. On my design wall is one of my UFO's, the spring block swap that was hosted by Shannon, at The Pieceful Kwilter There is actually a block in there from Queensland, Australia. How cool is that! The first pic is of the blocks themselves, and the second is with the alternate blocks that I'm going to use to finish the quilt, and get it up to the size I want. There will be 20 of the alternate blocks and, in EQ5, at least, they form a really neat secondary pattern, and all the blocks merge into one overall design. I hope it works as well in real life.  I'm planning on working at this fairly steadily for the next week or 2 until I get it done, along with some customer quilts waiting to be long armed. But, enough for now, time to get ready for work, when I'd much rather continue to sew. (sigh)

Thursday 17 June 2010

Post wedding surprise

Well, didn't we get a very unpleasant surprise when we went to put the leftover wedding cake into the freezer. Sometime during the last several weeks, it died, along with the, thankfully, small amount of meat inside it. I had known for awhile that something in the basement smelled musty, but, wow, opening that freezer was NASTY, and immediately identified the source of the musty. So, there are 2 very nice men coming over today to take that thing out of the house. Scott has sealed it with duct tape, and I'm praying very hard that it doesn't spring a leak between the basement and the front door when the 2 nice men carry it out. All together now, eeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwwwww.

Sunday 13 June 2010

The wedding is finished

The wedding is finished, and it was wonderful. It was a beautiful day, if a tad hot and humid. It rained for 5 minutes, and then stopped, although it looked a couple of times like it was going to pour down rain. But, lots of prayers and begging of the Lord, and it held off. Becca was a beautiful bride, and Matt a handsome groom. They were absolutely glowing! The ceremony and the dinner and the party afterwards went off with hardly a hitch, and everybody seemed to have a good time. Noel was assigned to the camcorder, and he documented almost the entire day. Scott, Susan, who arrived from the nether regions of Alberta last Tuesday, have watched it through twice, so far. There is so much on it that we weren't there to see. He basically followed Matt and Becca wherever they went, along with the photographers. He did such a fantastic job with it!  It was a good day, and I had a great time for the past 2 years planning it, but I'm glad it's done, and I can get back to my real life. I haven't had my hands on anything quilty in over a week, and I think I'm about to go into withdrawal, but I'm too tired to do anything about it. We're probably going to have to spend tomorrow restoring order out of chaos in the house, and then Susan and I, who is going to be here for another week, can get down to the serious business of some girl time, with, hopefully, some quilty stuff thrown in there. I have to be the proud Mama and throw in a pic of the gorgeous bride, and handsome groom. I'd add in more pics, but for some reason, I can't get any more to upload. But. I can guarantee that this proud Mama will be adding more as I get them.

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Only a Quilter's husband.....

Only the husband of a quilter could come up with this idea. To cover the ceiling of the basement in fabric. Now, for the background to this statement. The night before our daughter's wedding, the bridesmaids and our daughter are going to be spending the night in her room, which is the basement "rec" room, and it is/was a wreck. Scott has cleaned it up, and painted, and Becca has, mostly, gone through all her stuff and either packed it, or thrown it away. But, the one problem was the ceiling. It has holes in it from where we had to fix some plumbing. It has really cheap popcorn texture stuff on the ceiling, which is really gross and dirty. You know the stuff that falls on your head if you blow on it? He tried painting it, and all he got for his trouble was a globby mess, that just drank up all the paint. So, he got this ?brilliant? idea to cover the ceiling with fabric. Yep, fabric, painter's drop cloths, to be specific. So far, maybe not so good. The problem with this idea? It's not a one person job, so guess who got recruited? yep, me, for the last 2 days, with everything else I have yet to do. So, there we are, he's holding up the fabric to the ceiling, and I'm using furniture tacks to hold it in place, while standing on the kitchen chairs, with my neck in a position it was never meant to assume. Of course, the fabric is heavy, so as soon as he lets go of the fabric, the weight of it pulls the tacks out of the ceiling. So, the next idea was to try screws into the fabric at the edge of the ceiling to help support the weight, which worked not too bad. So, the end of the story, there are now 2 10 foot by 11 foot painter's drop cloths attached to the basement ceiling. I have informed him that he owes me, big time. I think the payment is going to be a trip to Stratford later this summer, to see the play "Kiss Me Kate", along with a really nice dinner out. Good thing he's such a lovable soul.......