Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Tuesday 25 October 2022

Quilty workings

 I seem to be getting my quilting mojo firmly back in place. I finished the Moda Blockheads 4 Sampler. 

It is layered and ready for quilting.

I’m continuing to work on my A Quilting life Sampler and have 8 out of 12 blocks done. It will get sashing and nine patches as corner stones when the blocks are done.

And I’ve started a new quilt, a design also from A Quilting life called Fresh Flowers. It is bright and wild and fun. It will get sashed and bordered with the same dotted fabric as the outer background squares and triangles.I’m in the never ending process of trying to use up my fabrics. Part of that process is trying to cut them up into useable sizes rather than put them back into their boxes. So as I’ve been cutting the fabrics for this quilt, I’ve been cutting the remainder into usable strips or squares. I start at 3 1/2 inches and work my way down to 2 1/2 then 2 and then finally 1 1/2 inch strips until all the fabric is cut up and gone into the appropriate size strip box. I hope to continue this process into other quilts and thus be able to use the fabrics that are currently stuffed into boxes and totes.

Sunday 23 October 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching

 We are currently in the season of the year where everything and anything goes when it comes to weather patterns. Wednesday night there was a winter storm travel advisory posted. And while we in our area didn’t get anything nasty, we did wake up to about an inch of snow on the ground. And now this weekend we have highs at about 21 celcius. It may be necessary to spend some time outside today.

I’ve been doing lots of work on my Quilters Bee cross stitch and making good progress. I’ve started on the words. After this are done I will be doing the specialty stitches to fill the quilt blocks and to do the border around the quilt that the ladies are stitching. Then I can move on down to the next area. As always with the patterns from the Victoria Sampler people this is an extremely enjoyable stitch.

I’ve also started a new pair of socks. No surprise there. Once my eyes go all wonky after doing the small cross stitching I switch over to knitting where my eyes don’t necessarily need to completely focus.

I have been working on some quilt projects too. But I’ll hopefully get a separate post written about them later this week.

I’ll link up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching

Saturday 8 October 2022

Slow Sunday Stitching

 I’ve started a new cross stitch project. I’m enjoying it so much that I can’t seem to stop working on it so I’ve made really good progress on it. It is the Quilting Bee SamplerHow perfect is this...... quilting and cross stitch together. I love it! Wouldn’t that be a fun location for a quilting bee, outdoors under a flowering arbour. 

I will link up to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching.