Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Sunday 31 January 2010

Very productive week

I've finished all the 9 patch blocks I need to do 2 twin size disappearing 9 patch quilts. Phew, that was a marathon of a sewing week. Loved ever minute of it. And I got to use up 540 5 inch squares, for a total of 10 yards of fabric, gone off my shelves and out of various drawers and bags. Woohoo!!! I have to finish cutting the nine patch squares, and then I can get them up and start arranging them on the design wall. My goal is to get that done today. I also have almost the entire centre section of that wedding ring quilt ready to sew together. And, also this week, I did get the bricks and stepping stones sewn into a top. Altogether, a very productive week

Friday 29 January 2010

It just jumped in the cart!

I admit it, I'm an addict. My name is Cathy and I'm a fabriholic. I can't go into a fabric store and not buy fabric. Especially when it is Len's Mills and they are having a 50% off of an already 50% reduced price. I couldn't help myself. the bolts jumped of the shelf and into the cart, got themselves to the cutting table, and somehow found their way into my car. What's a girl to do in a case like that? I couldn't send them back. They'd have been homeless. It's a good thing I haven't been participating in stash reduction reports. I'd be in serious negative, or would that be positive, numbers. It came to a total of 44 yards of fabric, at an average of $4.00 a yard. Gives an idea of what fabric prices are in Canada, when most of the fabric was anywhere from 60% to 75% reduced. This is the time I usually go out and stock up on fabric that would be good to use for backing. Paying for 6-7 yards of fabric for backing at the full price of $10-$15 dollars a yard is mind boggling. There's no way I could afford to indulge my addiction at those prices. So, now to go and get it all refolded so that it fits my shelves, and then maybe work more on the dissappearing 9-patch before I go to work this afternoon

Tuesday 26 January 2010

What to do, what to do?

I'm trying to decided what I'm going to do with the rest of my day. I've already gotten a turkey stuffed, and into the oven. We bought it way before Christmas, before we decided that we were going up to Noel and Laurie in Collingwood. Last night, it called my name and said "cook me tomorrow". The idea was, to get it in, and then have the rest of my day to do with as I pleased. Ah yes, the best laid plans....... Becca came home from school, and had to have a discussion about decorations for the wedding, and I was perfectly happy to oblige. But, it did use up the afternoon. Ah well. I spent all of yesterday working on the wedding ring quilt, and actually into the night, as well. I had to stay up, and go pick her up from school at 1 am in the morning, where she was working on a project that was due today. Somehow, I just can't face working on curved seams again today, although I got 2 more rows done yesterday. So, the idea was to reward myself with something fun and easy today. So, what to do? Do I start something new? I have all kinds of charms from the Northwoods Crossing collection, that I'm wanting to do something with. A disappearing nine patch is what is calling me. But then, I have an almost finished Bricks and Steppingstones from the Quiltville site. There are only a few more row to sew together, and it is done and off my UFO list and onto the waiting to be quilted list. Maybe i can do both. Hmmmmmm. That would be the responsible thing to do, but I'm not sure I'm feeling responsible........ Maybe, an hour on sewing up the Bricks and Stepping stones, and then onto something else. Yep, that sounds good.

Monday 25 January 2010

Design wall Monday

I've seen a number of posts about design wall mondays, and I've decided to join in the fun. I've had this Wedding Ring quilt packed away in a bin for the last 3 years, or so. Something decided me to pull it out, and start to work on it again. Maybe reading about all these people working on their UFO's has inspired me to pull out some of mine. It's based on a design by Elise M. Campbell, that I found in a book called "Quick Quilts From Your Scrap Bag". Somehow, I don't think over 3 years classifies as quick, but it is pretty.

Wednesday 20 January 2010

Pattern redesign finished

I spent yesterday, once I finally stopped stalling, redesigning the patterns for the bridesmaids dresses, and managed to get it done. So, then was the cutting and sewing part, for the lining, just to see if it worked the way I hoped it would. And it did. I'm doing another happy dance. Considering it's only the lining for the dress, I think it looks pretty good. Samantha comes over tomorrow for a fitting, and if it works, I can cut out and start on the dress portion. I'm hoping to get all three dresses done by May. Should be doable, if all goes as well as it has so far. I've also been working on the centre applique for my BOM and have gotten all the bias stems on, as well as the leaves. I'm using steam a seam 2, which is so light weight, that it is barely there. It doesn't have the stiffness of other fusible products I've used. I'm going to work on the flowers for the rest of the evening now, as a reward for work done, and procrastination conquered. Woohoo!!!

Tuesday 19 January 2010


I can't put it off any longer. I've managed to procrastinate today by, so far, shopping for fabric, sipping on lovely flavoured coffee, and taking a long, cold, foggy walk. And now, I'm putting it off by sitting here at the computer, flipping through blogs, and writing in my own. But, the time has come. I have to get out the patterns for the bridesmaids dresses for my daughters wedding. They are going to be lovely, but, of course, she doesn't want them as shown on the pattern. She wants all one piece instead of a shirt and top, and wants them knee length, rather than floor length. So, my task today is to alter the pattern, never my favourite task. (sigh) But, the good news is, that I have her wedding quilt finished, binding on and all stray thread ends knotted and sewn in. I'm doing a happy, happy dance. Best yet, there are still 5 1/2 months until the wedding on June 12, so I am way ahead of schedule. I've also been working, off and on, on the centre of my BOM. I have all the bias stems done and lightly fused to the background. However, I'm still stalling, so I'd better post and get at it.

Sunday 17 January 2010

One BOM centre done

As I'm pondering what fabrics to use for the dancing jonquils of the pieceful kwilter BOM, I thought I'd put together the centre blocks for the other BOM i'm doing. It's from http://burningthemidnightoilquilts.com/block-of-the-month-quilt/. Here's the pic of the blocks. I still have to stitch them down, but they are firmly fused. It is a lovely quilt, and I'm looking forward to getting it from one step to the next. I've even talked my dearest friend, who lives in St Albert, Alberta, which is just outside of Edmonton, into doing this one with me. A long distance sew-a-long.

Postage stamp quilt finished

I have a day off today, finally, and I have decided that it is all mine. I slept in, and took my time over waking up over flavoured coffee. Raspberry chocolate coffee, Yummmmmmy. Watched a little TV, and then wandered up to my studio to finish the postage stamp quilt. My client wanted something classic to go with the vintage feel of her quilt, so baptist fans it was. Looks good, too. Now, for the rest of the day, I play. I'm going to work on the centre blocks of the 2 BOM's I'm doing. I'll post pics as I go. Now to bury my hands in fabric

Wednesday 13 January 2010

Third block done

Yesterday, before work, I managed to get the third block of Pieceful Kwilter's BOM done. Here's a pic. I have today off, and am going to use it to get a start on that postage stamp quilt. I was hoping to get the binding made, and sewn onto my daughter's wedding quilt, but, the silly girl's alarm didn't go off this morning. So, instead of being safely at school, and out of the way, she's here, at home, where she can walk in on me at any time, and I want this quilt to remain sight unseen till they actually receive it in June. She is getting married on June 12, to a wonderful young man, who loves her to pieces, and takes tender care of her. This is our second wedding in a year. Our son, Noel, got married last August,  in Hawaii, to a lovely young lady who takes good care of him. We are so blessed to love both our in-laws. We know so many people who cannot stand their children's spouses. How awful that must be. They live in Collingwood, ontario, which is about 3 hours north of London. Noel is quite a talented photographer, and sent us these photos that he took while out on a winter stroll last week.

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Fun before work

I have to work at the hospital this afternoon. On days when I go in for a shift, I usually try to do something fun, just for me. It gives me a lift, and sets my mind  so that I can then go and, hopefully, give some sort of lift to the aging veterans that I work with. I love the third block that Pieceful Kwilter has posted, so I've decided that it is my "fun" before work. Now, to go rifle through my stash for just  the right fabrics. :D

Sunday 10 January 2010

It worked!

My list for yesterday worked. It was all finished, and then some. Got both November, and December's blocks done for the Pieceful kwilter  BOM.  The background in the pic looks black, but it is actually a dark blue. I had a blast a couple of days before Christmas, shopping online at The Thousands of Bolts website. They had a blowout sale, and I bought tons of fabric, none of it more than $3.95 a yard. So, some of it is finding a home in these blocks. Considering, in Canadian Quilt Shops, it is a challenge to find anything cheaper than $7 to $8 dollars a yard, and most of it at more than $12. 00 a yard, those prices are fabulous,and not to be missed.

So, today's tasks, go for walk, then come hame and do something fun until I have to go in for a 3-11 shift at the hospital.

Saturday 9 January 2010

Postage stamp quilt

I'm to the part of my list that says to load this Postage Stamp Quilt. My client wants a simple Circle Lord Baptist Fan, which should look good . A classic design, for a classic quilt. Shouldn't take too long to quilt up

To do, or not to do, making lists, that is

I have never been one to consistently make "to do" lists and then follow them. It somehow seems to block the free flow of creativity. Gee, that sounded good. Truth be told, I haven't got the self discipline to follow them. However, life is starting to get really nuts. Rebecca's wedding is in 6 months. During that time, I have 3 bridesmaids dresses to sew, after I significantly alter the pattern. Then there is my own dress to finish. Add to that working 6 to 7 shifts every 2 weeks at the hospital. Add to that doing clients quilts, not to mention finding time to have fun doing my own. I think I am going to have to find the will to make, and follow, some lists, or I'm going to end up in a huge panic. So, the question is, where to start? Daily lists, or weekly? How does it work? Maybe I'll start small, and try a list for today, and see what happens.
Sew buttons on Becca's coat
Best Buy store for phone
1/2 hour walk (that's what the phone is for. I'm scared of a slip and fall on the ice, and having no way to get help. Two friends of mine have done that, and broken bones in the past year)
Load Charlene's Postage Stamp Quilt
Finish Nov. Star block, and take picture, and post picture

Hmmmmmm, maybe that's enough for now. It will be interesting to see what is left at the end of the day

Friday 8 January 2010

Dangerous Blog hopping

OK, so I've decided that I've found another project I just have to do. The Pieceful Kwilter has a lovely block of the month going. Absolutely beautiful. How much more can just one block a month add? I can do that. Does it sound like I'm trying to talk myself into it? YEP!!! The project started in November, so I'll just have to sit down and do those 2 blocks, and then follow along. I'm also doing the BOM from the midnight oil site. So much fun. Woohoo. And, to top it off, the quilting on my daughter's wedding quilt is done. Now, for burying all the threads, and doing the binding. A good day's work

New Beginnings

Well, here we are at the beginning of a new year and a new decade. Time to do something new to go along with it. So, here I have a new blog.  This is going to be a learning curve to get it started, and maintained, and of course, will contain a lot about quilts. What I'm working on, finishing, starting, and everything in between. Maybe, even some old projects dug out and finished. All this, and a wedding in June for my daughter. So much fun