Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Tuesday 19 January 2010


I can't put it off any longer. I've managed to procrastinate today by, so far, shopping for fabric, sipping on lovely flavoured coffee, and taking a long, cold, foggy walk. And now, I'm putting it off by sitting here at the computer, flipping through blogs, and writing in my own. But, the time has come. I have to get out the patterns for the bridesmaids dresses for my daughters wedding. They are going to be lovely, but, of course, she doesn't want them as shown on the pattern. She wants all one piece instead of a shirt and top, and wants them knee length, rather than floor length. So, my task today is to alter the pattern, never my favourite task. (sigh) But, the good news is, that I have her wedding quilt finished, binding on and all stray thread ends knotted and sewn in. I'm doing a happy, happy dance. Best yet, there are still 5 1/2 months until the wedding on June 12, so I am way ahead of schedule. I've also been working, off and on, on the centre of my BOM. I have all the bias stems done and lightly fused to the background. However, I'm still stalling, so I'd better post and get at it.


  1. I'm glad you're ahead of schedule-I can't imagine!

  2. Yay! Finishing a wedding quilt before the wedding is *always* reason for a happy dance! :) My daughter wanted a signature quilt for her wedding. It was in June. I have yet to put the pieced (and signed) blocks together to make her quilt! If there were a procrastinator's club, I'd be on the board. I'm saving it for a quilter's retreat in Feb. The dress redesign looks great, as does your applique! :)


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