Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Sunday 31 January 2010

Very productive week

I've finished all the 9 patch blocks I need to do 2 twin size disappearing 9 patch quilts. Phew, that was a marathon of a sewing week. Loved ever minute of it. And I got to use up 540 5 inch squares, for a total of 10 yards of fabric, gone off my shelves and out of various drawers and bags. Woohoo!!! I have to finish cutting the nine patch squares, and then I can get them up and start arranging them on the design wall. My goal is to get that done today. I also have almost the entire centre section of that wedding ring quilt ready to sew together. And, also this week, I did get the bricks and stepping stones sewn into a top. Altogether, a very productive week


  1. your db wedding ring quilt is lovely.

  2. You really did have a great week. I love what you have done. Very nice.


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