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Saturday 14 December 2013

Finish it Friday on Saturday

I have a couple of finishes. The place mat for the colour challenge was handed in at the guild meeting on Thursday, so I can now show that project.  I used a Mariner's compass pattern out of Electric quilt, but I told the program to make it 14x20. Then I left off the background areas that would have made this into the rectangle, and left it in the oval shape. This is going to the Meals on Wheels people in our city, who will use this as a decoration for someone who will receive their Christmas dinner from Meals on Wheels this year.                                                  And I can also now show Road to Brenham. I'm going to attempt a picture out in the snow. It still has to be washed and dried before it goes to its forever home at the wedding the weekend, so if it gets damp or a little wet, it won't matter.
I started writing this post, yesterday, which was Friday, expecting to go to the wedding today. Well, it is winter, and plans get changed along with the weather. There is a snow storm today both here, and in the city where the wedding is happening. The roads are awful, with lots of cars in lots of ditches. So, we're not going to be able to make it. :(  We'll stay at home and wish them well from here.
I'm going to link up to Finish it Friday even if it is Saturday.


  1. Wonderful finishes! Too bad you can't go to the wedding....:-(

  2. One of my guilds makes placemats for Meals on Wheels, but, nothing like that one! Wow! Stunning! Glad you stayed home and stayed safe. After driving thru sleet and rain (before the snow hit, thank goodness) all thru Missouri and Oklahoma this weekend (had to pick up my son's dorm stuff since he is transferring to Alaska) and seeing a few vehicles in the ditch, it just isn't worth it if the trip can be avoided (ours couldn't). The happy couple will love that quilt.

  3. Gorgeous quilts, both of them and you're another Canadian!
    Excellent! Check me out!
    Good Earth Quilting


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