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Saturday 14 December 2013

Real Studio Tour

Vicki Welsh, over at Field Trips in fiber is doing a Real Studio Tour. Last week, we showed non sewing tools that we use for sewing. This week we are showing our storage solutions. I have a couple of different ones. When we moved last spring, the worst part of it had to be figuring out what to do with all the fabric. My studio went from being all in one room, to now being in 2 rooms. My sewing area is down in our apartment. I had to figure out some way of at least semi-organizing the fabrics so I could see them, but that wouldn't look too messy. I saw an idea, originally using comic book boards to wrap fabric around, so that the fabric would stand up on the shelf. Now, if this were a show room studio, or a magazine studio, these shelves would be pristine, and tidy, all lined up even with the edges, without power cords from the light box hanging down from the shelf on top.
But it's not a magazine studio, so there is a cord hanging down, and the shelves are a bit of a mess. I didn't have access to comic book boards, so I just used acid free foam core boards, which I cut down to size. Any amounts less than 3 yards got folded in half length wise, and then wrapped onto boards that are 8 inches wide by 10 inches tall. And fabric amounts greater than 3 yards got wrapped onto boards that are 8 inches wide by 20 inches tall. As new fabric comes in, the theory is that it gets wrapped onto the appropriate sized board......
My other storage solution involves my unquilted tops, and any customer tops that are waiting to be done. We took some 2x4's and attached them to the end wall in my long arm studio, taking care to find the studs in the wall to attach them to so they could bear some weight. Then, we got some ordinary coat hooks and attached them to the 2x4's some wood dowels complete the system, for the quilts to drape over, and hang as they wait their turn. Almost all of the quilts hanging in this picture are mine, waiting to be quilted.
I'm linking up to Vicki's blog for this week's studio showing.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, now I'll have to go take a look at the other links and see if I can grab some ideas. My room is 9x10 with a small walk-in closet. I also did the "comic book board" method sans the boards. I wasn't willing to part $$ for them so instead, I just took my fabric folded to the 1/4 width size and using a 6" wide ruler, folded like on a fabric bolt, then slid the ruler out. Stays nice and neat whether stacked on top of each other, or placed upright like books.

  2. I noticed the "rack" you made for the unquilted tops in one of your photos earlier this year...love the idea and am trying to figure out where I can make that happen in my sewing space.


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