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Sunday 1 December 2013

Stash Report, week 48, 2013

I used up a bit more fabric this week making a couple of pillow cases to go with the Road to Brenham quilt I did this past summer. Past that, nothing else has been used. I'm still working on finishes, so no new usage is happening. I guess that's the down side to counting stash used as it's cut, rather than waiting until the project is finished. However, if I waited to count until something is finished, some things would never get counted. Although, maybe that would be incentive to actually start and finish a project, before starting something else........... nah, not gonna happen in my world. Although, I think I'm doing really well considering, other than the scrappy Saturday challenge, I haven't started a new project in months, since Road to Brenham, I think. That is going to change, though. I am planning on celebrating the starting of the New Year on January 1st, by starting a new project. I just decided that now. I think I'll go through my books, and find a project that I love, and start it then. New year, new project, I think I like that. Anybody else want to join me on that? I haven't bought any new fabric in 6 weeks, and haven't any plans on buying any before the end of the year, budget constraints are dictating that. It's time to start dipping into those fabric retirement savings I built up over the last few years. So if I start a new project at the beginning of the year, I'll start the year with a fabric out balance, rather than the other way around.

Used this week:                                  2.3 yards
Used this year:                                 123.55 yards
Added this week:                               0 yards
Added this year:                                165.55 yards
Balance:                                                42 more yards in than out.

Back when I was participating in a UFO challenge, where we would list them by numbers, and choose a different one to work on each month, I used to work on current projects for the first part of the month, and the UFO project for the last half of the month. I might go back to doing that. I really like the feeling of getting something finished, but I miss the excitement of starting something new. I'll have to think about that some more.
I'm linking up to Judy's Stash Report, and then I think I'll sew some more leaves for the Thanksgiving quilt, which hasn't seen a whole lot of progress in the last week.


  1. It is so very confusing about stash, new fabrics, finishing a older project and starting a new one. I think we all go through that. It doesn't help at all when there are new quilts posted daily on blogs.

    Next year I have decided when I finish a quilt I can start a new one, the finished ones have to older one and a finished new one doesn't count.

    Good luck with your goals.

  2. Yes, I love to start things - but you have a good idea to dedicating a week or two each month to those innumerable ufos.

  3. I've been participating in a UFO Challenge this past year - at the beginning of the month we post a pic of our project that we're hoping to finish; we can share an in-progress pic partway through the month, and then we share the finished quilt at the end of the month. There are prizes every month for a little added incentive! We've just got the month of December to finish up. I've managed to complete my project most months - and other ones are still UFOs.... I'm not sure if the hosts are going to carry on the challenge, but I still have enough started projects to get me through 'til at least June or July.
    I'm with you on starting a new project for Jan. 1st - I already have 1 or 2 projects pulled together - pattern, fabrics, rulers, etc., so I can just pick up a bin and go! One of them is using a layer cake, and I chose the bright, graphic Comma line - can't wait to starting it! I'm also considering a New Year's Day mystery quilt - it's free, but they request a minimum donation of $10. that goes to Cancer Care (it's through Craftsy). I'm looking forward to doing that! We have church in the morning, but the rest of the day will be open to working on the clues. But, first things first - I have to post my Dec. project and actually finish it first.


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