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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Year end Summary

So, here it is, the time to look back and see what exactly got accomplished this year. The first thing I noticed on looking back, was my disregard for proper post labels. I didn't put "finish 2013" labels on my finishes. So I had to go through my label list and find the things I finished this year. Sadly, there weren't all that many complete finishes. But, I guess with the move, and all the chaos attending that, it was amazing that I got anything finished. I started lots of things, but only finished five.

Orca Bay, from a Bonnie Hunter mystery a couple of years ago 
Road to Brenham, a free pattern quilt along from Patchwork Times.
My Dresden Plate, from a quilt along from several years ago.

Disappearing Nine Patch
Endless Chain, a pattern by Emilie Richards.

My plan for the coming year, is to have a year of finishes. I'm going to make a couple of lists for the right hand side bar of the blog. One will be for quilt top UFO's that need to be finished. The other will be for quilt tops that are waiting for quilting. Maybe with these lists staring at me, and reminding me, I'll be able to get them done. I'm also going to join in on the 2014 Lovely Year of Finishes sponsored by the blog Sew BitterSweet Designs. I found that, in the years before when I've joined in a UFO finish challenge, I've done much better in getting things done. The other thing I think I'll do, is schedule my own quilts in with the customer quilts, maybe one a month, or every other month, so that they can get done. So, that's it. Now, to get those side bar lists done.


  1. Maybe you should also list the customer quilts you finish or show a tally...just to add to your perspective of yearly accomplishments. The five quilts you finished were pretty labor intensive!

  2. Oh my gosh, Cathy -- I think these five are *stupendous* accomplishments/finishes, especially when you consider the whole upheaval of not just a move, but *construction*!! And like Debbie said, throw in customer quilts, too??! You're phenomenal!!!! :)

  3. I think you did an amazing job of finishes in a very full year! I have enjoyed participating in the Lovely Year of Finishes, and it has helped to motivate me to make progress on a quilt even if I don't meet my goal each month.

  4. Cathy, my friend is a for hire long arm quilter. She challenged herself for a year of UFOs to quilt one of her quilts each month. Maybe this idea is for you too... Happy Holidays Sandi

  5. Those are impressive finishes! My Orca Bay is held up at the pieced border. I do enjoy your blog. Besides quilting we share the love of motorhome camping. Also I've loved your tale of downsizing. Three years ago we built a small handicap-accessible home, and now are planning an apartment (for another family member) in our walkout basement. Your floor plan is terrific. Happy New Year


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