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Monday, 30 June 2014

Design Wall Monday, June 30, 2014

I still have Meteor Shower, a design by Judy Martin, up on the wall. It has grown a little bit more, but only because it was raining yesterday, so after the marathon jam making session, I couldn't go back outside. So I stayed in to sew instead. There was another marathon jam making session today, too, that ended up with another 14 500ml jars of strawberry jam.
This quilt was part of my June goal for The Lovely Year of Finishes. I had started off the month wanting to get all of the remaining large star blocks done. Midway through the month I amended that goal to just getting the blocks in the main body of the quilt done. As shown here, I didn't make that one, either. So, I will just have to extend that into July. I have a lot of quilts to do in July, and we're going to be away for a week, as well, so I'm going to be easy on myself and just say that I will try to finish the last two blocks that are in progress up there. After that, there are only three more large blocks to do, which will probably be August's job, along with a lot of little stars for the border. They are really easy to do, no set in seams for the little ones. There's a guild sew-in day at the end of July. Maybe I'll take those to work on then....... sounds like a plan to me.
I'm going to link up to Judy's Design wall Monday and also to the June's Finish Party at The Lovely Year of Finishes. Then I think I'll head back outside and see if the fireflies are out yet.

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  1. I live with moving targets too! It's the only way to survive. I love what you have finished so far--especially the shadow effect of the lighter stars.


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