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Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Best Laid Plans.......

Are always subject to change. Not five minutes after my previous post talking about relaxing in the yard with my knitting, Matt came out and said that he and Becca had just picked up two flats of freshly picked strawberries, and did I want to make jam with them........ silly question!
With their help with the cleaning and hulling and stirring and all the other stuff needed for jam making, we now have 15 of the 500ml jars of strawberry jam.  Ten of them are reduced sugar, and the other five are full sugar. I recently purchased the Realfruit Pectin from amazon, and so far I like it. I kinda wish the jars of pectin were bigger though. I got the 10 jars of low sugar from the one jar of pectin, but there wasn't enough left to do another full batch out of it. There is talk of doing more jam tomorrow, which will pretty much wipe out the rest of the pectin I ordered. Guess I'll have to get more.

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