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Wednesday 11 June 2014

Lorraine's Charley Harper quilt

I'm slowly getting caught up with posting about the customer quilts I've been doing. I'm now only 3 months behind. This is A quilt Lorraine brought to me back in March. I love the colours in it, and the simplicity of the design that lets the fabrics shine. I love the colour she chose for the background that goes so well, and complements the colours in the piecing so beautifully. I can't remember what the pattern source was, but the original quilt had a lot of straight line intersecting patterns in the quilting, and Lorraine wanted to get as close to the original quilting as possible.
We decided that the pantograph called Square Dance came the closest to what she was looking for. This is such a versatile quilting design, that it gets a lot of mileage on my machine. It's one of my favourites to quilt up.

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  1. Very cool... I think she should call it Rectangle Dance!


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