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Thursday 5 June 2014

Canning season has started...

 I did up some rhubarb pie filling and some strawberry rhubarb pie filling. I sent away for the Clear Jel thickener that is recommended for canning purposes, and it worked really well. It took most of yesterday to get those 11 jars done. It's at times like these I really miss the dishwasher.One of these jars will make up 2 individual sized crisps. There might be more of this in the future, or maybe I'll declare this as enough of these flavours, and do up other kinds of pie fillings as different fruits come in season.

On Tuesday I loaded Charlene's Grandmother's Flower Garden and got a start on it. I have yet to decide what to do in the white pathway areas. I was supposed to be working on this today, but I kinda got a bit side tracked. I had to go out to the drug store to pick up more Melatonin, and then to another store to pick up some ant bait stuff. I made up some of the home made sugar and water and borax bait, which we used last year with really good results, but for some reason this year the ants are walking right by it and completely ignoring it. So, the big store bought guns have come out. These 2 small errands expanded into also going to our local farmer's market for some produce. And then, the lure of the garden center was just too strong. I couldn't resist any longer. So I headed out there to pick up some plants. And then, DD Becca called looking for a ride home. The quick 2 item errand turned into an all afternoon outing. Add in supper and then cleaning up from supper, and it is now 6:45 pm, and no quilting done. I might go up and spend an hour at it this evening, because tomorrow is going to be a gardening day. I'll take some before and after photos and post them tomorrow.


  1. Your jars are lovely. I think full canning jars are works of art. :)
    I love the quilting on GFG and will probably do something like this on the one I have up next. Thanks for the inspiration, I wasn't sure what I would do.

  2. Ahh, my future holds canning projects, too! When the tomatoes come in I'll be making sauce. Lovely GFG, and let me know if melatonin works for you? Insomnia is my middle name right now. LOL


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