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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Stash and knitting report, week 27, 2014

I've been sewing up a storm this past week, but I can't count very much of it. Four of us from the guild have been doing a round robin. We are all at work doing the last round, and that's what I've been sewing for the past week. I'm working on Christine's right now. She sent all of her own fabric to use for it, so I can't count any of it as out of my stash. We are all meeting up in the middle of this month to do our exchanges and final reveals of each others' quilts, so I'm running out of time. The only sewing I've done for myself has been a journal book cover, which took one whole fat quarter.

Used last week:                          .25 yards
Used this year:                     50 yards
Added last week:                         0 yards
Added this year:                     52 yards
Net added:                              2 yards

I have some of my own sewing coming up to do. This month's colour for the scrappy challenge is red, so that will work in all of the projects I have going. I also have some backings to sew up, and, at the moment, one quilt to bind, which will help with the stash used numbers. None of that will be happening in the next week, however, since we are off for a week away in our trailer, starting tomorrow. I'm not sure that we'll be able to get an hydro site, since we don't have reservations, which means all my sewing stuff will be staying home.
What will be coming with me is my knitting. My Flyaway Hoodie is coming along well. The body of the sweater is almost done. I've left it on the needles just to be able to get the length right for the zipper. I've started on the hood, and it's almost to the point of starting the short rows, which is going to involve learning a new skill.... wrap and turns.

This is the back of the sweater. I love the cables across the top of it.

I want to take extra knitting with me, just on the off chance that I either get the green sweater finished, or I need a change, so I did up a tension swatch for the next sweater I want to start. And
 then, I've also managed to finish the pair of socks that travel with me in the car as my take along project.
I still have to graft the toes to finish them up. I've started another pair of take along socks, but haven't got a picture of them, since they are up in the car. I'm not sure how often I'll be posting while we're away. I've looked at the wireless coverage in the area of the park we're going to, and it looks like it might be patchy. We're heading up to Grundy Lake Provincial Park, one of my most favourite places to go. It is so beautiful. If there is coverage, I'll try and get some posts done with scenery pictures, which might just make you wish you were there.
I'm linking up to Judy's Stash Report and also to her On the Needles. Then I really should finish getting organized to get going first thing tomorrow morning.

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  1. Nice projects. Have a wonderful time camping! and knitting!


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