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Tuesday 8 July 2014

Vacation, enforced relaxation.......

Here we are, at Grundy Lake Provincial Park, at the end of our first full day of vacation. We haven't done a whole lot. We went for a drive down to the general store for some milk and bread and stuff. Then we went for a drive around the campground, scoping out all the different areas, looking at the different campsites, finding the gems that we'd love to come back to sometime. The enforced relaxation has been due to the almost non stop rain. There was a break for about half an hour or so, and I went out for a bit of a walk, just to stretch my legs.

I went down by the water for a little while, although with all the rain, you'd think I'd be tired of water........ but there is something about the quiet sound of little waves lapping at the shore that is so soothing.
There were some people heading out in a row boat with their fishing rods, a perfect time for it, since it's almost dusk and the fish should be rising for the bugs on the surface of the lake, in theory, at least. I wonder if they will catch anything? My reward for the short walk was the sight and sound of a loon out on the lake..... one of the most beautiful and yet haunting sounds there is.
I think it just might be time to make something to eat.... a bowl of soup and some toast is about the level of my ambition right now. And then, I just might do some reading and maybe some knitting. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a much dryer day, maybe with some hiking. enjoying the beauty of our surroundings.

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  1. Beautiful surroundings for thar forced relaxation


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