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Friday 18 July 2014

An Avery sort of day.....

Today has been just absolutely jam packed full, because it was an Avery coming to visit day. I have a quilt on the machine that has to be done by the beginning of next week, so I actually asked my dear husband to bring me in a cup of coffee at.... gasp...... 8:30 this morning, I had to get some quilting time in before we got ready for their visit. I've been working on quilting a London Roads quilt for our guild. It will be used as a raffle quilt for raising funds for the out reach committee, which does quilts for the Children's Aid society and also Quilts of Valour.
 It's getting a Maple Leaf pantograph. It's about 2/3 done now, so finishing it Monday shouldn't be a problem.  Then it is on to someone else for binding.
I worked on it until 1 pm, and then came back downstairs to get supper ready, since we were going on a short road trip after Avery got here.  Both my husband Scott and our son Noel, have some art work hanging in a gallery here, so we all went to see it. Here's a link to the Westland Gallery. We didn't stay very long, since it was hard for a three year old to be interested for long in the art. But it was long enough to get a really good look at most of what was hanging, and especially theirs.
We came back for some supper and play time, and a popsicle or two, and then it was time for him to go. It went by way too fast. For a little boy who's only three years old, he's so smart!! I may be a biased Grammy, but still, he's smart. He's reading! We gave him a new book, and he was reading the cover, and the titles on the pages. He talks all the time, and constantly uses his imagination. He is a Thomas the Tank Engine fan, which is why they are here this weekend. One of the towns near us has a Thomas train that they can actually ride on, so they are doing that tomorrow.
As for me tomorrow, I'm off to Gail's for a girls' day out for sewing. I plan on working on Meteor Shower, and am hoping to get lots done. However, it will mean an even earlier morning..... gasp..... 8 am, in order to be at her place by 9:30, and at least semi coherent by the time I get there. LOL! SO, it's time for medications and relaxing before trying to get to bed a bit earlier than normal. There just might be a report about the sewing day tomorrow.


  1. What a cutie! Grammys aren't biased--they just know enough to see talent and smarts. You should post photos of their artwork hanging in the gallery. We'd get to see the art and what it looks like in a museum.

  2. Avery is so adorable
    Enjoy your sew day too!

  3. Of course you aren't biased! Neither am I when it comes to my grandchildren....ahem...

    That quilt is gorgeous!!!

  4. Reading at 3 is smart. You aren't biased.


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