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Wednesday 1 May 2013

May Newfo

I got so excited yesterday, after posting the pictures of this quilt that I want to start this month, that I went to my drawers of fabric, and starting pulling colours.
 I need bright and pastel oranges,

 bright and pastel blues,
 bright and pastel purples. These look more blue here than purple. But they are purples.
 Bright and pastel pinks,
and bright and pastel greens. I'm not sure exactly when I'm actually going to start cutting and sewing for this quilt, But these are going into a project box all their own, to bake and simmer and shake around some more. I want to check my various sized strip boxes, as well.
The next thing to find is about 20 some odd different creams and beiges and tans. When I find those, and as I find them, I'll add them to this project box. It's going to be hard not starting on this one right away.

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  1. I don't think I would have any self control and would probably just jump right in!


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