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Thursday 30 May 2013

Getting it done challenge

For the month of May, my goals were:

1. Catch up on Grandmother's Choice block of the week. I'm not caught up, but I have more done now than I did at the beginning of the month, so I'll count this as partial success.

2. Paper piece 10 border units for Cactus Rose. I did 8 of them, so I'm going to count this one as success, too.

3. Finish step 2 of Lazy Sunday Mystery. Not done. :-(
4. Do 2 blocks for Thanksgiving quilt. Didn't even open the box. :-(
5. Quilt Endless Chain. Done!
6. Bind Disappearing Nine Patch. Not done, but I did bind Endless Chain, so I'm going to declare this one as a success, since I did get a quilt bound, just not the one I said I would. And Endless Chain was a lot more difficult to bind, with all the irregular edges.
And, considering the challenge, stated by Judy here says to list 4 things, and I listed 6, I'm going to consider myself as achieving May's goals.

Now, for June:
1. Finish step 2 of Lazy Sunday Mystery, and begin step 3.
2. Continue with catching up with Grandmother's Choice block of the week.
3. Continue working on Meteor Shower.

4. Quilt and bind Gratitude.
 I'll be linking up to the Getting it Done Challenge post at Patchwork Times when the link up is posted. It's up and posted here.


  1. Your quilting is amazing! You should right a book~! Publish the pictures of your quilts. Lots of us like to look at quilt pictures. Have you thought of contacting a magazine about them. I bet they would be interested~ ♥♥♥

  2. Great progress this month -- you had ambitious goals and got quite a few crossed off the list. Good luck for June.

  3. definitely a successful month for you!

  4. You got lots done in May. I haven't gotten hardly anything done, stitching wise this month. Maybe in June.....

  5. Congratulations on your May goals! The June ones look great!


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