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Tuesday 14 May 2013

We're here....

And the first thing we saw when we pulled into the campground was a sign saying "active bears in campground" Oh oh, guess that means all food stays in the car and not in the trailer. The next thing we saw, but I wasn't fast enough to get a picture were a couple of young moose calmly trotting down the road of the campground. They stopped, and turned around to look at us as if to say, "Hey you.... what are you doing here on our turf?"
We found a campsite, not too hard at this time of year, we saw 2 other campsites in the whole area occupied, got set up, and went for a walk. There are trilliums everywhere!!

The whole area is carpeted with trilliums. They are everywhere. The pictures don't come close to doing them justice.
We walked down to the lake, and I'm pretty sure that's a loon. But we haven't heard it calling, so maybe it's only a duck. The picture is as zoomed as I could get.
It's about 15 past 9 at night, and so far we're not too cold. We have one heater going, and 3 quilts on the bed, with another heater, and more quilts available if necessary. I'm so excited to be seeing our son again tomorrow. And dare I say it, even more excited to be seeing Avery on Thursday. I wish we could stay and visit with Avery longer, but Noel has to be at his new job on Saturday, so it's a flying visit this time. But there's lots of summer left for more camping and more Avery visits. 

 Oh, and the sock?? The leg is done, and the heel flap is started. I have a couple of other pairs of hand knit socks with me, to keep my feet cozy and warm, and this pair should be done in the next day or 2. It's a good thing I can knit without watching what I'm doing. Once the rain stopped, it was such a lovely drive. Some of the trees are just starting to leaf out here, and they are such a pretty shade of fresh spring green. And there is something about the rocks of the Canadian shield that are just so fascinating, the colours, and the patterns. I want to get some pictures of them before we go home. I'm thinking that those colours, made up into some kind of bargello type pattern would be stunning. Something that would echo and remind me of the ribbons of colour through the rocks. Maybe using Stonehenge fabrics. I've been eyeing those fabrics, wanting to do something with them for a long time now, so this could be it. And, thinking about it now, we have the other computer, that has the electric quilt program on it with us here at the campsite. Hmmmmm............


  1. Love the idea for a rock inspired quilt. The trilliums are so pretty! We actually had snow yesterday...to warm to stick but not a pretty sight!

  2. Oh Cathy...I want to camp like that!!! EXCEPT no bears or moose! A duck is fine! LOL

    Your sock will be so nice. I've always wanted to make socks but have no idea how to do it. Maybe sometime I'll watch a YouTube on it~ Enjoy your camping~ ♥♥♥

  3. have a great and relaxing time
    and bear free!


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