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Sunday 5 May 2013

Stash report, Week 18 2013

There was stash usage this week. I pieced a backing out of fat quarters for my Endless Chain quilt. I didn't get a picture of the backing before I loaded it, though. It used up 23 fat quarters that have been in my stash for quite some time that I was never quite sure what to to with, all with some sort of stripe. There wasn't enough of some of them to do anything with the stripe, so this is where they've ended up. I tried getting a picture of it on the machine, but i didn't work out too well, so the picture will have to wait until it comes off. The good news is that I've broken the 50 yards used mark. Woohoo! If I keep this up, I'll be over 150 yards used at the end of the year. This is my 3rd year of doing stash reports and looking back both last year and the year before my usage numbers at the end of the year were in the 160's. I'd like to beat that this year, if I can.

Used this week:                    6.3 yards
Used this year:                   52.6 yards
Added this week:                    0 yards
Added this year:               131.25 yards
Balance:                             78.65 more yards in than out.

I got an email this week from the store Thousands of Bolts, advertising over 4500 fat quarters. You should be proud of me. I deleted it, and didn't go look, otherwise that fabric added number would have gone up, again. I have to work this afternoon, so this is just a short one. I'm linking up to Judy's Patchwork Times.

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