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Tuesday 30 April 2013

April's getting it Done and Newfo challenges

Here it is, the last day of the month, and it's time to see how I did with April's Getting it Done goals, and to set some new ones for May.
 For April I wanted to:
1.  Sew together the center section of Cactus Rose
2.  Catch  up on Grandmother's Choice.
           I'm not completely caught up on these, but I did get 4 more of them done. I think I'm about 5 behind, now.
3.  Finish step one and start step 2 of the Bonnie Hunter mystery that is running in the Quiltmaker   magazine.
4. Pull out and start working to finish Great Granny Squares.
         not even out of the UFO box.
So, that's not too bad. Two completely finished and one partially accomplished.

So, For May, I would like to:
1. Catch up on Grandmother's Choice. The weather is getting nicer, so I can do some of the hand pieced squares that I'm behind on while outside.
2. Paper piece 10 of the border units for Cactus Rose. Maybe if I break this down into smaller sections, it won't seem quite so overwhelming.
3. Finish step 2 of the Lazy Sunday Mystery. 
4. Do 2 more blocks for Thanksgiving Quilt
5. Quilt Endless Chain
6. Bind Disappearing Nine Patch.

As for the Newfo Challenge, the quilt that I started in April, Playful Friends, is now a finished top, and the back is done for it, as well.
For the may. Newfo, I really want to start the pattern called Meteor Shower.

Except that I want to do this layout, pictured to the right here, that is the queen sized layout. And I'll be using much the same colours as shown here, since that is one of the things that drew my attention to it so strongly. This pattern, called Meteor Shower is found in a book by Judy Martin called Scraps. It is a FABULOUS book, but then I love all of her stuff.
Between the stuff on both these challenge lists, and doing machine quilting, and being outside, and working, and going up to see our sweet Avery sometime this month, and working at the hospital, I think I just might have enough to keep me happily occupied and out of trouble.


  1. It sure sounds like you're going to be too busy to get into any trouble! Meteor Shower looks to be a lovely quilt. I like Judy Martin's work as well. Have fun with that one!

  2. You did very well on your April list and I'm sure May will be productive as well. I love the Meteor Shower quilt too. That in itself would be a big goal for me! Have fun.

  3. Love your April project! Such wonderful color play :*) And good for you finishing up your start for April - whoohoo!!!

  4. That Meteor Shower looks cool. Lots you got done, especially since you were still moving in.

  5. Those are gorgeous quilts. Now I'm anxious to see the May NewFO!

  6. Great job on achieving so much in April! Meteor Showers looks fabulous in pictures and as a finished quilt it will be gorgeous.

  7. Well, you didn't just start something, you nearly finished it. It's pretty!! Can't wait to see the Meteor Shower.


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