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Sunday 16 September 2012

Quiltathon day 4

This has been a fabulously fun and productive weekend.  I quite liked doing up the posts and then doing updates as the day progressed. I spent most of today sewing, and got a whole pile more of the pieces for "Think Inside the Box" done up.

Picture to follow tomorrow. Right now, I still have to get the points trimmed and the pieces ironed.
I also played with some sampler blocks for the Aunt Lucy's Medallion quilt that I started last April. Doing the Grandmother's Choice sampler squares put me in the mood to do more sampler parts. I've sewn up 3 more 6 inch squares for Aunt Lucy, and cut out 2 more. And then, I sorted some of the squares I cut on my new toy tool last night into sets for 2 different quilts on my want-to-do list. In between all that, I made supper, and now I'm settling in for a chat with Susan on Facebook, and to watch a special presentation on TV about the Titanic.  I'm linking up to the last link box for the weekend with Judy's quiltathon


  1. Great job, Cathy -- I'm so glad you enjoyed your quilt-a-thon weekend!!!! :)

  2. This is exactly what I tried to do about a year ago... I'm anxious to see how you manage. I changed to put a plain white triangle between each of the pieced ones. It was the only way I could figure out to get it to work... of course it is a UFO. Something else always comes up to do before I can finish.


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