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Friday 14 September 2012

Quiltathon day 2

It's almost noon, and I have to work this afternoon at 3. But it gives me a couple of hours to see just how much I can get dome during that time. Charlene's quilt is now about 1/3rd done. I wnt to see how much further I can get before going in to work.
I went to the guild meeting last night, and had a good time. I have had a difficult time most of my life with the issue of going out and meeting new people. It is a graphic illustration of the harm a mother's words can do. When I was a teenager, my mother said to me, when I told her I was going out with a group of people "Why on earth would they want you????" And do you know, those words have stuck firmly in my brain ever since. When thinking about going somewhere to meet new people, those words are there........ why would they want to meet you? I have been praying lately for the Lord to erase those words from affecting what I do and where I go and who I meet or don't meet. I know those words aren't accurate, or true, and yet they have, through the years, become fully entrenched in the way I think and behave. I am praying for release from them. Anyway....... enough of that. I'm going to go get something to eat, and the do some quilting. I'll stop at 2 pm and do an update.

2 pm Update:
Charlene's quilt is now about 2/3rd  done. This is all I have left to do on it.
There will, if all goes according to plan, a picture of this quilt finished tomorrow. But, the first thing I'm going to do tomorrow is the next block of the Grandmother's Choice block of the week. I'm linking up to day 2 of Judy's quiltathon at Patchwork Times


  1. So sorry your mom said that to you...my mom has said a few things that stuck too...UGH. Of course they are the things that stick...hope it fades away!

  2. Your thoughts about your mom hit home with me...it is so frustrating those words have haunted you your entire adult life. I carry baggage like that too. A few years back I stood up to my mom's hurtful comments and we haven't spoken since. She topped it off by sending me a letter saying she would never speak to me on the phone again. I think about our strained relationship every day. Oddly enough, she reads my blog. My dad and I still have a close relationship...yes, they are still married. It's all quite strange. I sure hope I continue to have a close relationship with both my sons...that's what I pray for everyday.

  3. How sad for you to have that memory haunting your life. It always amazes me the hurtful things people say - family members, classmates, even strangers. I just don't understand people sometimes. Well, I know that I want to meet you someday!!!

  4. I'd love to meet you! Why do we always seem to hang on to the negative things? that quilt looks great too

  5. That's yet another powerful testimony of the damaging effect our careless words can have ... for a lifetime. You know how much *I* would love to meet you and hang out with you, my dear friend and sister in Christ!!! Love you!! :)

  6. Oh my goodness...what a thing to say to anyone! You are such a gifted quilter...any guild would be delighted to have you as a member. Not to mention that you are such a creative and interesting person, that anyone would be lucky to meet you. You just put that voice right out of your ears, and put in the voices of all the amazing women that quilting has brought to your life!

  7. Again, I'm so glad you went to the meeting. The would be happy to have you, I'm sure. This reminds me of a quote I've seen before, but saw again today:
    "It's easier to build a child up well than it is to fix an adult". I wish everyone would remember that.

  8. Remember that YOU are special and worth knowing!


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