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Tuesday 18 September 2012

I love productive days......

The jam making is done. I started at about one o'clock this afternoon, and took the last of the jars out of the water bath canner at 7:15 tonight. Whew!!! The final tally.......

5 1/2 jars of peach marmalade

5 1/2 jars peach jam, 9 jars raspberry apple marmalade and 7 1/2 jars of Strawberry lemon jam.

I haven't done this in a large number of years.  I'd forgotten how much I enjoy looking at the final product. And tasting it is even better. I find a lot of the store bought jams over sweet, so I rally like the combinations that have the lemon or the marmalade in them. However, the other thing I'd forgotten is how much standing and chopping and especially stirring, there is involved in these. I recruited Scott to do the stirring on the last batch. He came so willingly to help...... he's such a sweetie, I think I'll keep him. LOL!!
The rest of this day is going to be spent feet up, with some quiet needle work in the recliner chair. Tomorrow, it's back to work on quilts.


  1. That's an impressive number of jars of summer-y goodness to look forward to this winter!
    I haven't eaten jam on a sandwich in years, but I make a few types that I enjoy spooned over a bowl of vanilla ice cream - one of them is Dutch Apple Pie jam. It's quite sweet, so you might not care for it. When my daughter got married almost 6 years ago, we made tiny jars of this jam for wedding favours.
    I'm glad that you had Scott handy to spell you off - it's amazing how tiring stirring can be!

  2. looks good! I bet your house smells heavenly!

  3. Drool! Nothing better than home made jam, jelly and marmalade. I think I can smell them now.
    So much work and so worth it!

  4. YUM! You've been as productive in the kitchen as I've been sewing! LOL! Like everyone else, I'm guessing it smells wonderful in your home right about now!! :)

  5. Looks so yummy! When Avery is just a little bit older he will love helping you with things like this (because chances are it is not something Noel or I will be doing with him - LOL!)

  6. That is an amazing accomplishment! I love to see the finished jars too...so pretty!


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