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Saturday 15 September 2012

Quiltathon, day 3

I just checked the Grandmothers Choice blog, and today's block is up. And it's a fairly easy one, no templates or inset seams. So, that is my first thing to do today, followed be a block for a sampler I'm doing, and then to finish the rest of Charlene's quilt. My hubby also mentioned an add he saw in one of the papers that states the fall crop of strawberries and raspberries is ready. I didn't even know there was a fall crop of those, so we might be making a trip to get some of those. Mmmmm, yummy. I'll do updates here as the day progresses.

It's 4 pm and so far the only quilty thing I've done today is my Grandmother's Choice block.
We decided to go out and get the strawberries this morning, before they were sold out. And then I got the idea that it would be fun to take some strawberry shortcake over to Matt and Becca's for them to serve at their house warming party tonight. So that meant a trip to the grocery store to get the ingredients for it. My original idea had been to bake the shortcake, but then Scott found some already made angel food cakes, and he talked me into getting those instead, which was actually a good thing because I have no idea where I was going to find the time to actually bake. Then, of course, we had to come home, prepare the berries, drive everything over to their house and then come back home. But then I got the idea that I really want to get back into making my own jams and marmalades and stuff. Actually, I've been thinking about it for a while now. But that meant a detour before coming home to the store to pick up some jam jars and a new water bath pot. By the time all that was done, it was after 3 pm before I saw the inside of my sewing room. So, now I'm going to post this and link up to Judy's quiltathon day 3 and then get back upstairs and get Charlene's quilt finished.

7 pm and Charlene's mystery quilt is finished and off the machine. All that is left to do on it is tie in a few ends. I can't show a full picture of it before Charlene sees it, that wouldn't be fair, after all.
But here's a picture of one of the corners.
We've had supper, and cleaned up, or should I say, Scott cleaned up..... he's so great. So I'm going to sit here, and enjoy my after supper cup of tea, and then go and do some fun sewing.

11:45 pm, and I'm done for the day. Chalk up 2 more Great granny squares and I finally finished the second pillow case that I started a couple of weeks ago. All in all, a very productive 3rd day for the quiltathon. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. your block is looking good! I did rummage thru the sewing room today and made a rather large fabric acquisition!

  2. I love your fabrics in this one! Since I went to the quilt show this morning, I haven't done mine yet. As soon as the Alabama game ends, I'll put it together. I like the two color version, but was considering doing a bold third color in the center. Seeing yours solidifies that for me! :)


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