Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Wednesday 10 September 2014

What I'm working on......

I've been doing binding. Other than getting a hanging sleeve sewn on, Meteor Shower is done!! It's pouring down rain outside today, so I can't get a picture of the whole thing, but here's a tease.
The bottom corner showing the diagonal striped binding, with a narrow orange faux piping. Completely done by machine. I can't imagine the time it would have taken to do this one by hand, considering the quilt measures somewhere around 100 inches square.
I'm still working on the Blooming Nine Patch. I'm starting to sew the diagonal rows together, even though I don't have all the nine patches done. I can always add them to either end of the rows once I get that far. I'm running out of room on the wall, and sewing them together makes the rows shrink quite a bit, giving more room on the wall. I'm going to make more nine patches tonight, after linking up to The Needle and Thread Network.


  1. I love your star quilt. Congrats on finishing it.

  2. The binding is perfect!!! I love the colors in your Blooming Nine Patch!

  3. Wow - your B9P is really coming along!!! Mine has stalled for now, but after Runaway the end of this month I'm going to get busy & finish sewing it up. I'll just drool over yours in the meantime :)


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