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Friday 19 September 2014

On my needles, Sept. 19, 2014

I'm continuing to work on my On the Grass sweater. I have come to a realization, after picking up the stitches around the second arm hole....... I don't like doing sleeves like this..... picking up the stitches and the doing short rows to form the top part of the sleeve. This is the second sweater I've done with this technique, and I really don't like it. I'm going to have to start looking for patterns that don't have this type of sleeve, or, I'll have to totally love everything else about the sweater before doing it again.
Anyway, having said that, I love the rest of this sweater, the wool, the colour and the double seed stitch texture. Better yet, it's almost done.
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  1. The pattern is lovely! I'm beginning to wish I could do that... with a new baby coming, I would love to be able to create a sweater for her. Oh well, she'll just have to get quilts and dresses. LOL!!

  2. It is a beautiful sweater. The detail at the top and on the sleeves can really be seen with this yarn. And YAY! It's almost done!!

  3. LOVE your sweater!!! It's going to be gorgeous - and you're almost done - woohoo!!! I haven't done that type of sleeve yet, but forewarned is forearmed.... I'll be keeping my eye open and hopefully avoid that type of pattern :)


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