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Sunday 14 September 2014

Stash Report, week 37, 2014

What a whirlwind, busy couple of days this has been. Yesterday was spent over at Gail's for a sewing day. Kathy and her friend Barb were there, as was Christine. I was a very bad blogger, and took no pictures, at all. But both Kathy and Gail did, so if you visit their pages, you can see some of what we got up to. There was lots of chatter and fun and laughter. And we actually all got a lot of sewing stuff done too. The day started at about 11:30 and ended at about 8:30 with a trip for some stash enhancement. It should be noted that Gail, who was the one who suggested the stash enhancement trip, and actually accompanied us there, bought nothing. I, on the other hand, stacked up on some backgrounds and some greens, both of which are getting to be in short supply around here, and a very pretty pastel that might work as a backing for something. It was such a great time. I'm so glad to have gotten to know such a great bunch of friends, and am no longer a solitary quilter.

Today has been spent in the kitchens, yes that is a plural on the kitchens, making salsa. I started at 12:15 this afternoon, blanching and peeling half a bushel of tomatoes. That was done by 2pm. Then came all the cutting and chopping, assisted, quite ably, by Matt and Becca.
                                  We got to this stage by 4:30. Three large pots cooking down.
And now, as of 8:45, there are 7 jars out of the water bath canner, 7 more ready to come out in just a minute, and another 12, maybe, yet to be done. It is a whopping amount of work, but it went much faster and much more enjoyably with two young sets of hands helping.

I was going to take some pictures of my new stash additions, but I haven't had the time today. So, I'll just go on to the stash numbers. Considering the amount that came in this past week, it isn't that bad. Between the 2 quilts that got bindings, cutting for the Blooming Nine Patch and cutting for working on another UFO, the used numbers added up rather quickly.

Used this week:                          7 yards
Used this year:                          81.7 yards
Added this week:                       24 yards
Added this year:                       91.5 yards
Balance added:                            9.8 yards

I'm linking up to Judy's Stash Report. Maybe After that, I'll find my knitting as I wait for the water bath canner count down.


  1. I get hungry Looking at your salsa! Must be delicious!

  2. It would be awesome to have home made salsa, but I'm too lazy to go to all that trouble. ;)


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