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Wednesday 3 September 2014

Playing around with Nine Patches

Since I finished up Meteor Shower the other day, I decided to give myself the treat of playing with this simple quilt that I started back at the beginning of August. It is quite easy to put together, exactly what I need after all the intense piecing of the last few quilts I've done. It's a Blooming Nine Patch. I saw Teresa working on hers here, and just had to start one of my own. The two won't look anything at all alike, which is one of the many wonderful things about quilting. The next round is going to involve some blues and pinks and some cute kittens. This quilt has decided that it wants to belong to a little girl, I think. Depending on how big it gets, I might donate it to our Children's Aid outreach project that the guild supports. I'm going to link this post up to the Canadian Needle and Thread Network for their work in progress Wednesday. Then, I think I'll find something to eat, and then play with the next set of four patches.


  1. Wow Cathy! Some little girl is going to be very, very happy with that lovely blooming quilt!!! I love that pink peeking through :*)

  2. That's really a lovely quilt. It looks hard even though making the blocks is pretty simple. Love your color choices!

  3. This is really special! Hope you show us the finished quilt someday soon!

  4. I just love nine-patches and this setting is so very fun!


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