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Monday 22 September 2014

Design Lawn Monday, Sept. 22, 2014

 I've spread my current project out on the lawn, so I can get a good picture of it, spread right out, in good light. Currently, it is measuring 71 inches square, ot at least it will once I get the blue border on the other two sides. I am really enjoying the churn dashes and friendship stars that show up here. I am thinking of using up some of my abundant 2 inch strips, and making a wide piano key border. I want this one to be fairly large, to cover us up during those crisp outdoors nights.
 I think I am going to name this quilt "Camp Out", for fairly obvious reasons. There are tents and trailers and campers on the blue fabric in the top. And then, I have this marvelously soft and cozy and warm flannel, covered in trailers, for the back.

 I'm going to use a thicker batt than usual when quilting it, and it will be perfect to take camping with us next year. 
I'm linking up to Judy's Design Wall Monday.


  1. Design Lawn Monday.....hee, hee...like that! Quilts sure do get harder to photograph when they are large. Yours is looking great. I love that fabric you chose for the back.

  2. Your camping out quilt is so cute. It will be so warm for camping with.

  3. Wow! Love it and particularly that very attractive blue fabric you used. Is it all the same? Great quilt for snuggling.


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