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Monday 20 February 2012

Design Wall Monday Feb 20, 2012

 I still have Roll Roll Cotton Boll up on the wall.  Hopefully this will be the last week for it. I had put the main body of it aside due to machine issues. But those issues have been very nicely cured, due to the purchase of this. So finishing this quilt is going to go much faster from here on in. All 4 borders are all pieced, and the last few rows of the centre need to be put on. Past that point, all I need to do is measure the finished centre of the quilt, in order to determine the sizes of the spacer borders, so that the pieced ones will fit. I am determined to have this done before the end of the month. It won't get quilted by the end of the month, but at least the top will be done. I'm late today, linking up to Judy's Patchwork Times. But I have a good reason, honestly, due to the previously mentioned purchase.

Also today, Bonnie Hunter is sponsoring a linky to talk about the varieties of thimbles out there, and which ones are our favourites, and why. I have tried, like most people, many different styles and types of thimbles, with none of them comfortably working well. I have really short and small fingers. So any of the normal type thimbles hit my finger right at the knuckle, and they hurt. I used to put up with it bu using a thimble that was a size bigger, and padding it with batting where it hit my knuckle. But then I found this one, made by clover, I believe. I saw it in the Keepsakes catalogue, and decided it was worth a shot. It is soft, and stretchy and fits perfectly, and doesn't hurt. It has one flaw, that it will bend where the metal and stretchy parts meet, if there is a lot of pressure put on it. I use it mostly for doing hand applique, so I don't know how it would hold up to hand quilting. I'll be linking up to Bonnie's Thimble's up monday with this post.


  1. Wow!! Love the quilt on the wall.
    I have tried the thimble you have but my joints are really short so it is too long :/
    My fingers are like a childs LOL
    I use a small black leather one with a metal disc included.

    Love the blog

    London, UK

  2. I've often thought about using that type of thimble. That's good to know about the bending, it would be good for sewing or applique, but I think you are right about the quilting, not firm enough for the pressure.
    Thanks for sharing. I'm getting lots of tips about thimbles!

  3. I use the same thimble for hand-quilting and I have to say that I really love it!

  4. Just bought this Clover thimble today for hand quilting. Most comfortable fit I have found to date!


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