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Friday 17 February 2012

Friday Night sew in

I've been working away at RRCB, and I've finally ground to a halt with sewing the main body of it together. Not because I don't want to get it done, but because I finally declared "enough" with my old machine. It simply will not feed over the seams. Every time I hit a seam where a square meets a half square triangle unit, the machine seems to catch on it, and sews in place. So I have to be constantly reaching in behind it, and pulling the quilt through. I've tried all the adjustments, but frustration has finally won.
I've been researching machines for a while now, and it came down to 2 choices of makes..... Bernina or Janome. Bernina's are way over my comfort range for price, even when they are on sale. Plus the store that sells them is at least a half hour drive away. So, Janome it is. I have one on order, hopefully coming today.The page for the sale is found here, and the one I finally decided on was the 4120 QDC. I thought that was a fabulous price for what the machine has. I especially like the fact that it has 7 feed dog units, to the 4 my current machine has. And it comes with all the feet, including the walking foot, which is great for putting on bindings, or at least I had to use it with my old one. With all the extra feed dogs, I might not need to use it.
In the meantime, I've been working on customer quilts, (I'll do a separate post about that), and the border units for RRCB. The old machine will still do those. I'm going to participate in the Friday Night Sew-in, sponsored by Heidi. I'll post tomorrow about what I get accomplished tonight, hopefully the borders finished for Roll Roll Cotton Boll. See ya tomorrow.


  1. A new toy on the way...very fun. So very important to have a machine that works well!

  2. It is so exciting to get a new machine. I hope it ends up being a fabulous workhouse for you!

  3. Cathy, YAY for you!!! I have a Janome DC3050, which I absolutely adore. Have fun playing with the FNSI -- I'll look forward to seeing what you've gotten finished! :)

  4. I've had a Janome for about 10 years now, and wouldn't trade it for almost anything. Hope you get as much enjoyment from yours!
    I'm hoping to work on something for the FNSI too... we'll see if it actually happens!

  5. My machine was crapping out before Christmas and I got a new Pfaff. I have been enjoying it. I hope you are pleased with your new machine.

  6. I love my Janome machines. Of course, I have never sewn on a Bernina. Out of my price range also.


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