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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Why is cleaning so messy??

 I'm on part 2 of the reorganization of my studio. I had it all cleaned up, and workable at the beginning of the year, and now look at it.

All of that stuff came off a shelving unit that used to live in this spot. The only really useful stuff that was on the shelving unit were my books. The rest of it was mostly junk. My totally wonderful husband is putting up peg boards for me, mostly for thread storage. I used to keep my thread on a couple of book shelves, which were poorly lit, and the threads were hard to see. We bought 10 lengths of doweling that started off at 48 inches long. Scott cut them all into 4 1/2 inch lengths for me, and then he hammered them all into the peg board.Now, all my threads are well displayed, and easy to get at. And if I move the light on my cutting table a bit, the threads will be even easier to see. For some reason, this picture of my thread wall won't load right side up. It should actually be one quarter turn to the right. But you get the ideaIn addition to all this, I've also been purging all my old patterns. Ancient stuff that I'd forgotten I even had. Or stuff that was photocopied from the library, in the days before internet. Knitting patterns for sweaters that will never get made, plastic canvas stitchery that I will never do, all going to be recycled. All going out of my studio and giving me more space. I just wish it didn't make so much mess to clean up. The junk on the long arm table is almost all cleaned up. Now there is the cutting table stuff that came of the shelving unit to go through, and this phase of reorganizing will be done. There is still lots more stuff in this room to go through, but I'm getting there. Maybe halfway done, if not more. But for tonight, I'm done. I'll try and get it finished off tomorrow. All this means there has been no sewing for me today. (sigh)


  1. My sewing room definitely needs an overhaul but I have to wait for my husband to finish the basement reno so I can move stuff down there. I have to have patience though because the reno has stalled for the last several months - so sad!

  2. What's the old saying? It's always darkest before the dawn? I think that applies to cleaning and reorganizing, too!! I like the idea of the pegboard for your thread -- very smart thinking!!! :)

  3. It will be like a breathe of fresh air in your sewing studio after all the purging and re-organizing. I think it's necessary to do this every once in a while!


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