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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Stash Report Week 7, 2012

I haven't done anything with writing in this blog since last Monday, But I have a good reason, honest I do. I've been working, with only one day off at a time, and then back to work again. That's the down side to having taken 12 days off a couple of weeks ago. I have to cram all the shifts in at once, if I want to keep our bills happy.  Oh well.........
On the good side, I've been sewing during my time off, since there really isn't anything else to do, except housework and laundry, which is part of today's plans, or I won't have any clean uniforms to wear when I go back to work again tomorrow. (sigh) My February UFO is my Roll Roll Cotton Boll, and I've made good progress on it. All the pieced blocks are done, and the hour glass units are cut, and waiting to be sewn together. I just might have all the block components made today, and ready to start sewing the top together.  I hope to have a picture for tomorrow's design wall post. I am really determined to get these UFO's done, so I am focused on it, and haven't even started anything new. But I must confess that I hope next month's number is an easy one, so I can start one of those many quilts on my want to do list. And get some time to quilt some of those quilt tops waiting on the to-be-quilted list. Anyway, on to the numbers.......

Used this week:                                    2 yards
Used this year:                                    15.8 yards
Purchased this week:                                  0 yards
Purchased this year:                            57 yards
Balance:                                     41.2 more yards in than out.

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  1. You have been extraordinarily quiet this past week! Work can be such a necessary bummer! Enjoy today (as much as one can enjoy laundry) and I hope your work week is stress-free!! :)


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