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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Saturday Summary

I have had the BEST week, well, except for not being able to go and visit Noel and Laurie and little Avery. The last time we went up to see them in January, the drive home was just a tad nerve wracking, since we ran into closed roads and blowing snow and a snowstorm. So we decided that we wouldn't risk it again this winter, which makes me kinda sad. I'm hoping for a Skype visit sometime today or tomorrow. But I've had all this past week off, and don't have to go back to work again until Thursday, so I had lots of time to sew and quilt.
The big accomplishment, of course, was getting RRCB finished. But in between that I've been doing other things as well. I loaded Make Your Point onto the longarm, and have gotten a start at quilting her. I had originally planned on doing the feathers through the whole quilt, but once I did one pass with them, I decided not to. First because they are quite time consuming, and second, because I think I would have lost the effect of the piecing. So I've decided to alternate the rows, one with the feathers, and the other with continuous curves. I'm liking the way it is looking.
The other things I've been working on lately, is a few customer quilts. This one is a lap sized that Christine did for her Nana. I had to do an overall feather meander on it, since that's what the quilt told me it wanted. And I'm becoming rather addicted to doing them. If you click on the pictures and biggie size them the quilting shows up better. I have a backlog of customer quilts up there, which are on my to-do list after Make Your Point comes off. When doing the customer quilts, I schedule one of my own after doing 4 or 5 of theirs. I have a really bad habit of forgetting to take pictures of theirs, though. I really am going to have to start being more conscious of that
Then yesterday, I sat at my machine for most of the day and finished piecing the rest of the Dresden plates for the  Bunny Hill Scrappy PlatesAll of the plates are now done, and I have the centers cut out, and ready to have their edges finished and appliqued in place. That's likely what I'll be doing this afternoon, until we go over to Matt and Becca's for supper. It's kinda strange, we all live in the same city, but still hardly get to see them very often. I think we might have seen more of Noel and Laurie this winter, who live 4 hours away, than we have of Matt and Becca.
And finally, I've been working on one of the stocking kits from Bucilla. This is the Golfing Snowman one for Matt. I chose this one to start with, as it had the smallest number of pieces, and also the smallest number of little bitty pieces. I am having a considerable amount of fun doing it. I think I might be hooked.  And it's all Debbie's fault. She showed some pictures of her collection here. And then she did a series showing the steps in actually making one and one of those posts is here. I have 4 of these to do, with a fifth as a possibility, although I haven't ordered it yet. I also have several ornament kits, as well. These have replaced the knitting I was doing for a while, although I'm sure at some point, I'll get back to it. And now, to go and work on Dredsen Plates. So much fun.


  1. Oooh! You have been having fun ... love that darling little stocking! What fun a set of these would be hanging from the hearth waiting for Santa!!! :)

  2. i like the quilting on 'Mark your point'

    very clever!

  3. So many great projects to see! I loved them all...but smiled the most when I saw your stocking!!!

  4. You are having a great quilt week. I am amazed at how much you are getting done. I had to prepare for a class so my quilting is way down this week. Looking good.

  5. You have been such a busy girl working on so many wonderful projects. Your quilting does look fantastic!


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