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Friday 27 November 2015

On my Needles

I’m working on a blanket for our grand daughter who is due to arrive in January. It’s a new technique to me, double knitting, which ends up with a reversible finished product. It’s really quite amazing how it works. It’s from a pattern called Baby Love
The biggest challenge in it, besides learning how to do it, has been figuring out the most efficient way to hold the yarn so that I’m not constantly having to drop one colour from my hand and then have to pick up the next. I’ve finally gotten the hang of it, so it should go faster from here on in. There’s 260 stitches, and it’s knit one purl one all the way across. The knit is one colour and the purl is the other colour, hence the difficulty with how to hold the yarns. And then, of course, there was the problem of figuring out how to fix a mistake where there was a red stitch right in the middle of the white heart. But that one got figured out too. I love the challenge of learning new things. And there are so many resources available either on youtube for watching, or written out depending on learning styles. I tried watching a video for doing this technique, but had to go to a written one before I truly understood what was happening. I’m two rows away from the first colour change. This project is going to take a while to get finished.


  1. Is this cute, lovely knitting.

  2. What a neat technique! The hearts are so sweet - perfect for your little grandbaby!

  3. What a beautiful project! Your little one is going to be so warm!


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