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Sunday 22 February 2015

Sunday Stash and Stitching Report, Week 8, 2015

La Passacaglia continues to hold my very firm attention. I have a second rosette now sewn into the bigger one, and am working on another one to add in. This is the small one I'm working on right now. It will actually be a partial rosette, with only seven stars added to it, since it fits in beside the one that was added in earlier this week. I think I'm going to work on this systematically and work my way around the larger rosette and do the smaller ones that fit in around it. I think I'll get a better feel for what colours will work beside each other. I'm going to continue working on this for the rest of today, and just might get this one done, and ready to set in.

I've had some stash added in numbers this week, all of them for this project. Nineteen various shades of Kona solids for the star points. I'm glad I decided to go with the various bright solids for those. I'm liking the life and sparkle the colours are giving.

Used this week:                                    1.4 yards
Used this year:                                     19.15 yards
Added this week:                                     4.75 yards
Added this year:                                     19.75 yards
Net stash added:                                       .6 yards

So, I'm still in the positive numbers for stash added, but just barely. If I get any sewing done this coming week, which I will be because I have to prepare the next row for the guild mystery row quilt, I'll be back into the net stash used numbers. I'm linking up to  and Kathy's Slow Sunday StitchingJudy's Stash Report and Angie's WIPs be gone.  I think I'll browse a bit and see what's happening at those places, and then it will be back to more red stars.


  1. Your La Passacaglia is spectacular! It looks like a lot of fussy cutting, but the result is so worth it.

  2. Gorgeous! One of my friends here is also making one of these and I was shocked at how difficult it looked up close. Just amazing!

  3. Gorgeous is right! Can't wait to see it finished!

  4. This is stunning - and calls for such patience!

  5. Very nice! We need a hand sewing night...

  6. that looks so beautiful and difficult---you go girl!!!

  7. Beautiful, the solids add a nice touch

  8. Your rosettes are fantastic. What beautiful colors.

  9. You really have a way with fabric! The color choices and fussy cutting are awesome!

  10. Looks fabulous! I'm going to attempt this. And I'm sure the hardest part will be choosing the fabric.


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