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Friday 13 February 2015

On my Needles, Feb. 13, 2015

I'm continuing to work on my Travellers End  cardigan. The whole thing is a mushed up on a circular needle that's too short to get a picture of the whole thing, so I just took a shot of the most fun part.... the cable up the back.  And as I just looked at this picture, I've seen that somewhere along the line I've made a huge goof. The cables are supposed to look like the top part all the way down........ rats!!! It looks like there is some serious tinking in my future. And considering I don't know where the mistake started, I might end up having to rip out the whole thing. Looks like I reversed the cable charts somewhere. I say again.... rats!!!!
On a happier, more successful note, I did manage to get a picture of my daughter wearing the finished Cinched rib Cowl. It's a great picture of her, but doesn't really show off the cowl. Don't you love the indulgent, "oh all right, go ahead and take a picture if you must" smile on her face? It's amazing sometimes, how the smiles and expressions we used as adults towards our children end up showing up on our children's faces when they become adults, and are turned back towards us.

And I've started, and almost finished, another sock, using one of the new yarns I got last week. It's a Manos Del Uruguay Alegria yarn, all of which I really enjoy using. They are dyed in such a way that you never know exactly what you're going to get. The blue is spiralling down the leg, and is really quite a lot of fun, but then I am easily amused.
I'm going to link up with Judy's On the Needles, and then I have a decision to make....... do I just bite the bullet, and rip out that whole sweater and
start again, or do I put it in the never to be seen again pile, or try to selectively rip back and try to figure out where I went wrong.


Here is my solution......... that sweater is now reduced to a huge ball of yarn. After examining the cable charts and what I had done, I realized that I'd reversed the charts while I was working. They were each on a separate page, and then the instructions for the cabling were on another page. So, while juggling these three pages, I got it mixed up.
  So, I solved that by going to my printer, enlarging the charts, and printing 2 of each. Then, I taped them to some card stock, in the order they are needed as I knit across the sweater. I'm also going to enlarge the explanation of the charts, and tape that to the top. It should be a lot harder to get mixed up this way, and now I'm not juggling 3 different pages. And now........ to start again..............


  1. I'm sorry you had to rip out your beautiful knitting! Good idea you had to prevent from happening again. Your sock yarn is gorgeous!! I love that blue spiral.

  2. Sorry you had to rip it out. That scarf is wonderful along with the wool for the socks.

  3. Oh, I am so very sorry you had to frog, but I am glad you found a solution for what caused the problem. Love those socks! What a pretty color! Pretty cowl, too, and an even prettier model. Thanks for the link.


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