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Friday 6 February 2015

On my Needles

I haven't done a knitting post in a while, since nothing knitting had been going on. All my time and attention got hijacked by this. But my brain was beginning to turn to mush, so I've spent the last few evenings doing easy, mindless knitting on a pair of socks. All that's left is grafting the toe, and sewing in the end. I bought two balls of this wool, so that I could make sure the stripes matched on each sock. 
I do have a sweater on the go, as well, called Travellers End But it's at a stage where I have to really pay attention to what I'm doing, which doesn't fit the definition of "mindless". I think I'm a row or two away from splitting off the sleeves.
And then, I received a delivery of some fun yarns yesterday, all of which have specific projects planned for them. Wanna see??? First off, came some Cascade 220 to go along with stuff I already had. I have four hanks of the light grey, one of the pink and a couple of the purple. So, I ordered the blue, orange and green to go with the others. these are for a Hay Cove sweater.
Then there's this lovely Manos del Uruguay Allegria sock yarn, which is going to get wound and is going to be my next start for socks. It will be interesting to see what emerges from the way the yarn is dyed. I have made two other pairs of socks using this brand of wool, and they are just so soft and warm.
And then I ordered four hanks of the lighter coloured Malabrigo Rios to go with the leftovers that I had from making my On the Grass sweater. I think these are going to go into a Tea with Jam and Bread. It seems like every time Judy posts a picture of a sweater pattern that she's either working on, or is on her to-to list, I also like the pattern, and put it onto my to-to list. I love how all of us can inspire and encourage each other on our blogs and through the linky parties. So, with that in mind, I'm linking up to Judy's On the Needles. And then, it just might be time to get this day started.


  1. Knitting socks is something I would love to learn. Do you use 2 needles or four? I really like how they turn out with the wool you use.

  2. Beautiful yarns! Your sock yarn is so much fun. I really like the color of your sweater, too. And I agree about being inspired by others in blogland. It's wonderful!


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