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Thursday 26 February 2015

Rosemary's Cats and Christmas Angels

After Christmas, Rosemary brought me two quilts to do up for her. Rather than doing two separate posts for each, I'll put them both in here.  The first one is this wonderful cats quilt, with all kinds of fun cartoon cats in it. One of the fabrics has balls of yarn bouncing around on it, and that was my jump off point for the quilting design. I did swirls and loops, in the hope of mimicking the movement of bouncing balls of yarn that the cats would love to chase. When I came to the cats themselves, I went around each one with a tighter loop, so that the cats would stand out.

The other quilt Rosemary brought was an angel themed Christmas lap quilt. I quilted it using the Star in a Star pantograph. Once again, the lighting isn't very good for showing the quilting. I tried playing with the contrast in the photo in order to get it to show up more, with dubious success. You can click on the link for the pantograph, if you want to see what the quilting actually looked like.

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