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Saturday 5 February 2011

You know you're a Quilter when........

You know you're a Quilter, capital "Q" Quilter when, your longarm machine is giving so much trouble that you could cheerfully throw it out the window, assuming you could lift it and it would fit through the window. That's how I was feeling last night, and most of today. I think we have a diagnosis now, and am just waiting for the instructions to fix it. But, back to the subject at hand, do you:

go out for a walk? ................. nope
grab a stiff drink? .................. nope, unless Champanade counts
take a long,hot bath? .............. nope
find a good book? .................. well, yes, if it's on audio disk.

What you do if you are a capital "Q" Quilter is............... pull lovely, brand new fabric off the shelf, and start a brand new quilt. Especially if the brand new fabric is wonderfully cute fabric for a soon to be grandson. The pattern is from the Feb/March 2011 Quilt magazine, which was in my Christmas stocking from Noel and Laurie. It's called "Raspberry Swirl" There are still 2 borders to go on it, yet. A narrow cream, like the sashing, and then a wide light blue and cream plaid sort of check like fabric. Sock monkeys, and cartoon puppies........ so cute.


  1. Oh, how adorable. Blue and brown are one of my very favorite combinations. Great job. What do you think is wrong with your Millie?

  2. it's soo cute! way to go with the flow!

  3. I LOVE IT!!! IT IS MY NEW FAVOURITE THING! Yes, I know I wrote in all caps and that means I am yelling, but I really am (well, not for real because Shelby hates that) but I am soooo excited to see it! It's perfect! :)
    Thank you!

  4. Very cute - I really like blue and brown together and you have chosen such fun fabrics.


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