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Monday 7 February 2011

Design Wall Monday Week 6

 Not much new happening on my wall. I'm still working on the quilt I started on Friday as an antidote to long arm machine issues. Those have almost been resolved, but I'll be spending at least part of today trying to finish it. Never before I have wished I lived in Iowa. That's where these machines are made, and if I lived there, I could just call someone, and have them come over and fix it. (sigh)

I tried putting up the border fabric for this quilt, that I thought would work, only to find that it doesn't. It is extremely blah and boring. No punch, no pizzaz, adds absolutely nothing to the quilt, just fades off.

So, I decided that I have enough of the blue fabrics to do a 4 1/2 inch pieced border around it.  Not bad, but still not there. They blend into each other too much
What if I put some narrow brown pieces in between the blue squares? I think that's it!! Now all I have to do is figure out the math to get it all to fit. And, if you keep going to the end of this post, past these pictures............

 These are my next 2 squares for the 100 block challenge The applique one isn't finished yet. There are still some pieces to go on it, and some embroidery. I might end up checking out our local Michael's store, to see if there are more fabric markers out the that I can use to draw the embroidery designs with, that will show up on the dark fabric. And now, to check out the directions for the next step in fixing my machine.


  1. like your border--will have to try and remember it for future when I'm stuck in borderland!
    cool blocks too!

  2. I like your brown strip idea. It does add more to the border.

  3. Your fabric choice is fab, and I love your blocks and settings! What ideas do you have for the quilting on it?

  4. What a wonderful, creative, problem-solving quilter you are!

  5. That was so interesting the see the different effects of each of those borders...thanks for showing us! You solved the border dilemma! Hope you get your machine fixed soon!

  6. loving the aqua/chocolate combination

  7. Oh, I really like your quilt and I enjoyed your sharing your process.


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