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Wednesday 16 February 2011

I've had the blahs.........

The February blahs. Plus, I'm adjusting to some medication changes at bedtime, so not sleeping very well. So, what does a girl do, when not feeling like doing anything, when it's cold and grey and dreary outside? Start a new quilt, of course, a bright, fun, cheerful quilt...... silly question. LOL. I took the graph paper sketch, and colouring diagram that I did on the weekend, and put it into real life. I knew I wouldn't be able to wait, once it was planned out. I took all the fun tropical, fishy fabric, and put it into a quilt. This makes four now, that I've stared for this grandbaby that is coming in May. One of them, Chocolate Swirl, is on the longarm, and about 2/3 of the way quilted, which is what I've been doing today. Yesterday was spent loading it, and then trying to figure out what to do with it. The fabric off to the left of the picture are the borders, a narrow purple, Laurie's favourite colour, and then some more fun fishy fabric for a wide outer border. It'll probably be a while before it gets much further than this, but it sure is fun to look at. In the meantime, there are 20 more small crazy curves to sew up, before the next stage of Crazy Curves can progress. And 4 100 Block Challenge squares to do. I'm a week behind. I think that is going to be part of tomorrow's tasks. And Friday, the new My Tweets block is supposed to go up, so I'll probably spend Friday, before going in to work at 3, prepping that block, so I can start to work on it. I love being quilty busy. So much fun, and a sure cure for the blahs.


  1. You're right - making a quilt with bright cheerful fabrics, for someone you love before they are even born = instant cure for the blahs. Great quilt.

  2. So cute! he will love it! I love it! :)
    You need to do less nursing, more quilting, although I guess you need to work to pay for all of this!

  3. Really cute fabrics - what a lucky baby! I think you have definitely found the cure for the blahs.

  4. So fun! I love the turtles. Love all the color frames! Very clever.
    Hope you are sleeping better..I have blocks to catch up on too. Hopefully this weekend.


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