Leo’s Mane Sew Along

Monday 1 June 2015

Cold weather therapy

What are people supposed to do when you are camping out in the woods and it's either cold or pouring down rain? You go quilt shop hopping. We went to one quilt shop yesterday, called The Quilt Bee. They are in Fonthill and are a fabric shop and a long arm dealer combined. I picked up some grips for the leaders of my long arm, which are going to hopefully speed up the process of loading and unloading quilts. And of course, while I was in there, I had to pick up some fabric. These are slated for some fussy cutting.

Then today, considering it was still cold, although not pouring down rain, like yesterday, we elected to go for another quilt shop hunt. Well, to be closer to the truth, I elected to go, and Scott consented to drive. On the way to the quilt shop, we stopped at the Welland Canal. I have a fascination for these large ships, and the mechanism of these canals. How something this large can float is astounding. And the power of water to lift these just boggles my mind. We arrived at the viewing platform just in time to see a ship pull in and we got to watch the whole process.


This thing is HUGE! While watching the ship pull in, I noticed that someone had hung a swing outside what I assume to be the living quarters.



We finally ended up in Niagara on the Lake, and a quilt shop called The Modern Bee, filled with all kinds of fun modern fabric. It is essential, we all know, to support the local economy, so I had a couple of fat quarters, and a couple of half yards cuts come home with me. They are also destined for some fussy cutting.

La Passacaglia is growing some more, and these new fabrics will fit right in. We were able to get out for a walk this evening. The clouds have blown over, and it is noticeably warmer. It should be lovely and dry for packing up in the morning, which is a really good thing. In the meantime, for the rest of this evening, I'll be listening to a book and doing some more stitching.




  1. I love that Modern Bee shop in Niagara on the Lake..we went there in December. Need to go back there this summer :-). I also have a fascination for the Welland Canal...the whole Canal system really. We usually end up in that area during the summer holidays and always spend time there watching the ships. We saw a Dutch ship going through last time :-).


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