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Sunday 11 May 2014

Stash Report, week 19, 2014

We went on a very brief camping trip this weekend. Left yesterday and came back today. The main reason for going was to be able to open up the trailer and do all the draining and flushing that the plumbing system needed. Last fall we paid to have our trailer winterized, but decided that we really needed to know how to do that kind of maintenance ourselves, so we did the de-winterizing ourselves. It wasn't difficult, just time consuming to empty the tanks, then fill them to flush them, then empty them again and then fill them again to sanitize over night, and then drain them again and then flush again. But, although I don't think we really saved any money by driving up to the park and camping over night while we did all this, it was worth it to be able to enjoy the glorious weekend of weather. temperatures in the mid 20's Celsius, gorgeous breezes and blue skies. We went for a long walk along the river, watched some beavers swimming around and listened to lots and lots of birds. I really wish there was an easy source to find out which bird call or song goes with what bird. I heard a few that weren't at all familiar, but couldn't actually see them to get any identifying features on them. The leaves are just starting to bud out. A couple of weeks from now all the trees on the opposite side of the river in this picture will be full. If I didn't know that the weather is supposed to turn wet and cold this coming week, I would have had a really hard time coming home. But that's OK, we set out again on Wednesday to go and celebrate Avery's 3rd birthday. Unfortunately, Thursday is the day it is supposed to turn cold, but maybe it will change by then.
I've been doing some sewing for his birthday, so the usage numbers for stash are up, and nothing came in this week.

Used this week:                            3.9 yards
Used this year:                         41.5 yards
Added this week:                          0 yards
Added this year:                          37 yards
Net used:                                   4.5 yards.
Have you seen the  McKenna Ryan design called True Nature? I have fallen in love with this design. So, in addition to collecting more black and whites, there is going to be some collecting of fabrics for that quilt. I already have five out of six of the patterns. This leads me to suspect that  my added numbers will be going up, soon. There might be some online shopping and ordering going on, soon. The background fabrics that she designs for her pieces are gorgeous. I have enough batiks to do the smaller applique shapes, but the backgrounds are part of what makes her quilts so stunning. I just might go and have a look after I post this.......

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  1. There actually are sources to learn the bird calls. If you really want to learn I can ask my son. He had to learn lots of them - he's been a field biologist, researching the migration of many birds.
    True Nature, huh? You are a glutton for punishment.


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