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Monday 12 May 2014

Design Wall Monday, May 12, 2014

I don't have anything new on my wall. Three of a Kind remains up there, sort of. it has been up there so long that the blocks are starting to fall off the wall. However, it will have to wait a while longer. This past week has been spent sewing for our grandson, Avery. It's his third birthday this coming weekend........ and how did that happen, by the way? He was just a teeny tiny baby a couple of weeks ago, wasn't he? Anyway, he is a HUGE Thomas the Tank Engine fan, so I've been sewing him Thomas stuff. A pillow case,
 a topper for his window, and a really cute pair of pajamas, although, he could wear the pajamas as regular clothes if he wanted to, I suppose.
Tomorrow, I have to spend quilting and then Wednesday, we head up to see them for his birthday on the weekend. I am really hoping the weather forecast is wrong, since it is predicting 7 celsius up there on Friday. Just a tad chilly for camping out. Good thing for trailers and heaters.
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  1. So great! He will love all of it!

  2. Love the train fabric! I have a nephew who would love it.

  3. OMgosh. Those pjs are adorable. He will probably never want to take them off.


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